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  Drawing energy from the earth, heaven and human planes.


a few tips to help your meditative practice

  by Minke de Vos


Questions and accounts of your experiences are welcome.


Energy Field Meditation
Relax and breathe. Create a receptive cauldron for transformation, behind your navel. Feel its gravitational pull.
Send roots into the sacred earth. Breathe the earth’s gentle blue light up your spine, like sap rising up a tree.
Allow the crown to open like a flower in the morning light. Send up a star above you to transmit the heaven’s clear violet light into your crown. Breathe it into your cauldron and couple it with the earth energy.
Open your Third Eye and draw in the golden, sunny light of unconditional love which binds all beings in the human plane.
Smile it down to your heart. Allow the heart to smile back like an inner sun. Let the warm rays melt away excessive tension in your body/mind. Open your soul’s arms in wonder of life’s great mysteries. Open your heart with the sound Haaah. Receive with gratitude the grace of universal love.
Connect with the lifeforce of nature in the vast energy field around you. Breathe it in through your skin and charge every cell in your body. Take your time to absorb the light energies, right into the reservoir of your bones.
Allow the energy to flow freely.
Cover your hands over your navel and feel your Tan Tien's Elixir Field become warm and vibrant. Collect all the energies into the cauldron and condense them into a glowing pearl. Feel your center’s connection with the universe.
Rest. Be at peace with the Love that you are. Smile and breathe.

Download this guided meditation


: How can I deal with the loneliness of feeling separate and get closer to a feeling of oneness?

The previous Energy Field Meditation can dissolve the hard feeling of being cut off from the world. Feel how the loneliness manifests in your body, perhaps as a cold, contracted, armoured sensation. Let the contraction unwind into the counterforce of awareness expansion. Let your deepest longing to merge and unite call your Divine Spirit into presence. Feel how your consciousness embraces both the differentiating and uniting gestures like breathing in and out. Peacefully observe how the world’s warmth breathes in your soul.

"We are different but not separate. The counterforce of aloneness is All-oneness."



Questions about Breathing Practice

Taoist Yoga teachings recommend long, full, regulated breathing. Oriental Breathing Therapies, like Pranayama and Chi Kung, have been time-tested for their energizing and healing effects on the body/mind.

Why breathe rhythmically?
When the breath is rhythmical the brainwave and heart rhythms become more coherent. Tense thoughts and emotions create irregular, chaotic patterns. Ordered breathing rhythms create a nest to surrender to spontaneous, chaotic, unpredictable chi rhythms: Yin within the Yang, effortless effort. The body-mind can be more harmonious and more at ease when given a temporary stable structure. Discipline breeds freedom. Traditionally the breath has been regulated by counting the seconds of the inhalation, hold and exhalation. If one counts, the mind is filled with numbers. Musical cues allow one to surrender to a full, rhythmical breath and frees one's mind to practice the Inner Smile or contemplate our true nature.

Read more commentaries on "Why Practice Regulated Breathing?"


"I am now able to meditate with good concentration after work. That is a very nice step forward, as I’ve been too wound up and twisted up after work to focus. The light and sound is fundamental to my meditation now. I think I'd still be struggling at the surface without it, instead of being able to move down to some depth pretty easily. I'm very thankful for it."
Ralph Kopperson

"I have been enjoying Christer's CDs and wanted to let you know that I find these sounds immensely helpful and more beautiful and personal than any other I have experienced, both for energy work and as a spiritual aid."
Krisitin Fredrickson


home practice

by Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor


Organic sequences for learning, review and encouraging daily practice.
Gentle, clear guidance in the Universal Tao system of progressive practices and other creative ways to develop our potential. Benefit from Minke’s 20 years of professional practice in Taoist Yoga and related body/mind/spirit disciplines.
"Basking in her contagious, enthusiastic calm sets a positive tone to my day."
Music and brain wave frequencies are used to help to quiet internal chatter and heighten intuition and ecstasy. Companion written notes may be available as well. Inquire for complete list and detailed descriptions.


Guided Meditations and Practice CDs

Tao Basics   Energy Field, Inner Smile, Healing Love, Macrocosmic Orbit.
Now on CD.

Self Cultivation   Clearing & Repatterning of thinking, feeling and willing. Garden of Virtues grows positive soul qualities through the seasonal cycle.

Deep Breathing   introduces variations on Circular Breathing which moves energy through the body.

Rhythmic Breathing  Yogic breathing techniques to develop long, rejuvenating breath power.

Wisdon Integration   Chi Kung Meditation integrates our upper mind with the spiritual intelligence of our organs and cosmic forces.

Universal Link  Smile of Compassion radiates loving kindness into the kingdoms of the universe

Sensing Energy  Touching Energy: Transforms vital organs with loving attention , Expand awareness, Sense the Microcosmic Orbit. Hearing Energy: Listen to your body, mind, breath and the silent song that lives in all beings

Alchemical Steam
  Reversing Fire and Water to steam with sexual energy. Purify, rejuvenate and energize the bodymind.

Chakra Balancing   Activation of centers through: steaming open, colour/shape, empty force breath, psychic nature, guardian animals and chanting sound vibration.
Balancing Energy Centers.

Multi-Directional Meditation  Opening Flow to Six Directions , Three Tan Tiens, Three Fires
Buddha Palm: Charging Hands, Cosmic Healing

Fusion of the Five Elements I  
Diamond Focus: Paquas, Vortexes that blend and concentrate energy.
Balancing Internal Weather: Balancing Organ Energies.. Sealing Senses: Turning inward senses to connect with organs. Emotional Harmony : Control Cycle, Transforming “Negative” Emotions, Forming the Pearl
4 parts on double CD,. $29.00 CAD/ 21.00 USD

Fusion of the Five Elements II  Part I & II Growing Virtues: Creation Cycle Thrusting, Belt, Crossing Channels

Fusion III   Great Bridge Regulator, Special Channels that clear, regulate, and protect the energy and auric field

Advanced Fusion II   Inner Children, Guardian Animals, Steaming Chakras, Soul Body, Sealing Aura.

Lesser, Greater and Greatest Kan & Li
Profound alchemical development of subtle energy, soul and spirit light bodies

Bells of Love  for Women, Comforting Self-Care,
Breast MAssage, Genital Dance, Jade Egg Exercise, Upward Draws, Creative Flows, Grounding Energy. Now on CD.
$28.00 CAD/ 20.00 USD


Guided Practice CDs cost $22.00 CAD/ 18.00 USD


Exercises to Enhance the Lifebody
Presented by Minke de Vos

Movement is Life

When we release resistance to the chi flow, we can move with life with greater
sensitivity and ease.


Practice pleasurable ways to give loving care to oneself and others.


~ Learn how breathing movement mobilizes vital,
creative energy to rejuvenate the  body and energize the mind.
~ Refresh yourself quickly and enhance your health.
~ Express self love through Chi Self Massage.
~ Harmonize emotions through Heart Chi Kung and Healing Sounds.
~ Develop suppleness, strength and calmness through Tai Chi Chi Kung.


Chi Self Massage  55.54 min.
Chi Kung  51.30 min. includes:

Body Refresher
Chi Kung Warmups:

Gathering from Heaven & Earth, Spinal Cord
Breathing, Spinal Whip,  Arch & Swing, Pheasant Spreads its Wings,
Silken Form.

Heart Chi Kung
Tai Chi Chi Kung 1
Cosmic Six Healing Sounds
Heart Salutation

DVD costs: $40.00 CAD/ 32.00 USD

Practice Guide offers creative, organic approaches to Tao Yoga and Self Development.
Companion notes for video include Chi Self Massage, Heart Chi Kung, and Cosmic Healing Sounds.

Book of about 100 pages costs $14.00 CAD/ 12.00 USD.



Synchronizing Frequencies

download this audio sample

          download a sample

When pure sound signals of slightly different frequencies are
heard in stereo, the two brain hemispheres work together to “hear”
a phantom third signal called a binaural beat. Our brain and body resonate,
or entrain, with binaural beats like a crystal goblet responds to pure tones.
Integrated, effortless whole brain synchrony can result in heightened creativity,
insight, rapid learning, enhanced well-being, inner peace and meditative states.

Entrainment increases the release of specific brain chemicals like the opiate,
beta-endorphin, which can enhance higher mental functions and produce
euphoria. It is known to relieve pain and accelerate the body’s natural
healing ability. Window frequencies are precise frequencies which
seem to activate a direct cellular response. The energy flows
more freely and coherently. Scientifically researched ways
to access specific states of consciousness,
open for you to explore.



Breakthrough stuck wavelengths!






yogic breathing programs designed for the muse# light and sound machine

designed by Christer Ekstrom


Unique breathwork unlocks the secrets of healing!

These highly original tools have the power to awaken the giant within you, through synthesizing brainwave technology and time-tested yogic practices. It unleashes the power of evolution, Kundalini, to work in creative, mysterious and wonderful ways.
Breathing holds the key to healing. The lungs are flywheels for all energies in the body. The breath taps into unlimited resources of the universe. Powers that connect us to our multi-dimensional being. Mastering the etheric flow of the breath links up body, soul and spirit Breathing generates the energy to accelerate your growth, builds confidence and flexibility to adjust to life with ease. It makes you calm, centered and focused. Circular Breathing relaxes, cleanses and mobilizes chi circulation. Breath Retention builds internal energy, stability, concentration and empty force. Alternate Nostril Breathing balances Yin & Yang energy. Rhythmical Sound has a long tradition for regulating and harmonizing the breath. Theta brainwave frequencies open doors to subtle realms and facilitate the transformation of our unconscious. Precise technology is based on sound esoteric principles. This safe, effective practice integrates the best of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.

Inhale on rising, amplified tones, hold on sustained sound and exhale on falling, dimming sound.

Breathing upholds Spiritual Development These highly effective programs use light and sound technology to cue inhalation and exhalation. While surfing on the rising and falling tones we learn to deepen and lengthen our breathing. They are configured to support the practice of Universal Tao practices, like the circulation of energy in the Microcosmic Orbit. Precise tools are used to consciously clear and illuminate the chakras with energy and integrate the subtle bodies.

Let your breathing surf on sound waves.                                                                    Chi streams in.  Chi spreads out.

Breathing Breaks Take time-out to breathe and let go of stress. A “breath meal” gives a boost, instead of adrenaline-pumping stimulants. It is reviving like a power nap. Circular Breathing is recommended if you want to mobilize your energy and relax and Breath Retention, if you want to build up your energy and focus.

Chi Circulation in the Channels As you breathe, circulate the energy in continuous circles or waves. “Chakra” means wheel. The spinning action of chi works like a blender to refine the energy into a smooth stream.

Health-Promoting A major cause of ill health is energy imbalances and stagnation. Full breathing promotes abundant, free-flowing healthy chi. Chi means the Breath of Life. The quality of your breathing reflects the quality of your life. When chi pressure is deflated, it feels like the world weighs down on one. When the chi pressure is high one has the strength to manage stress and transform it into uplifting vitality. Even if you might not feel the chi circulation, with practice, you can feel the positive results of: better health, improved digestion, warmer, more energy, clearer mentally, more balanced emotionally, centred, and calmer. Something is aligning your posture with more ease!

Safe Method This integral method is a safe way to raise the Kundalini due to the loving attention given to emotional transformation, the balance of ascending and descending currents channeled in and around the body, and the connection with your Higher guidance or Inner Teacher. Daily spiritual practice “clears the air”, creating a vibrant atmosphere.


Breathing Programs with Music and Frequencies

Transform your life with pleasurable, easy-to-follow, nonverbal guidance.
Progressive Breath Lengths - This CD has 22 tracks of Circular Breathing and 24 tracks of Breath Retention, allowing you to advance step by step. You are encouraged to challenge yourself and test out the length of your breathing, like having a private couch. Our breathing can vary from day to day, so you can go with the flow.
Steady Breath Length - These CDs are a continuous stream of varied, oceanic soundscapes, all in the same breath length. There are 24 different CDs for Circular Breathing, with over 30 tracks each and 22 versions of Breath Retention. Breathing Variations - These CDs have a small range of breath lengths and give a variety of nature and musical sounds.
Cost: $28.00 CAD/ 21.00 USD per CD.

Breathing Programs come with an Instruction Booklets.



light and sound machines

These high-tech shamanistic tools are like the flickering light of fire and beating of primal drums. Flashing coloured light, from goggles into closed eyes, and pulsing beats from a digital sound system entrains brainwaves towards a chosen state. “Shift channels” to get a clearer connection with the subconscious and superconscious..

Muse Sharp   This light, portable and versatile light and sound machine is a great intermediate model at a reasonable price. With 30 built in sessions, capacity for 25 downloadable sessions, 5 octaves and excellent sound quality. Includes a computer comm port cable (for hooking up to your PC), and “Fun & Games” disk that contains 15 downloadable sessions with free “Light/Sound Librarian”, choice of red or green glasses (red - energizing and strongest entrainment, green-calming), high quality headphones, manual, 4 AA rechargeable batteries, stereo cord (for connecting to a stereo or walkman). The above unit, plus 110 AC adapter, plastic carrying case, costs $348 CAD/ 258 USD. Other coloured glasses TruWhite (clarifying), Cool Blue(soothing), each $150 CAD / 110 USD and Yellow (like a sunny smile) $53 CAD/ 39 USD are available.
Manufactured by Photosonix.




savouring silent ground - a vegan cookbookl

a Balancing Cookbook


Offers delicious vegan recipes. Artful
and wholesome ways of eating and
fasting with awareness of the dynamic
balance of Yin/Yang and the Five
Elements. A treasure of tips for
nourishing ourselves and supporting
our spiritual life.

Special binding for practical

and attractive kitchen use.
Cost: $24.00 CAD/ 18.00 USD

Quick Tofu "Cream Cheese"
   1 cake medium tofu
   2 T. Shiro (light) miso
   2 T. tahini
   2 T. lemon juice
  Squeeze water from tofu and blend
everything together. Let sit for 6 hrs.
at room temperature, then keep cool.


massage oils for use with the healing love practices

 for Healing Love


Practices for women to help prevent breast cancer and PMS; for men to help maintain
healthy sexual organs. Essential oils in a sweet almond oil base with instruction booklet
for massage.   Cost: $8.00 CAD/ 6.00 USD

  Let technology work for you to quicken your inner journey!

                                 Looking forward to your response.

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May the smiling light of the Tao brighten your days!


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