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Silent Ground Retreats
is a holistic training and has been offering retreats for over 30 years. Annual Retreats take place in beautiful rural locations such as Cortes Island and Quadra Island. Immerse yourself in sacred, peacful places for integral transformation.
We also offer weekly classes, workshops, private sessions and bodywork in Vancouver, BC.

Tao Alchemy Training
Practice Tao Yoga, Chi Kung (Qigong), and Meditation for a amazing awakening and rejuvenating experience. Give yourself time to deeply explore your inner life. Connect with and absorb nature's splendour and pure energy. Learn tools to tune up your Energy Body so you can vibrate in resonance with your Source.
Accelerate your growth! meditative lifestyle

Certification Programs and Certification as:
Universal Healing Tao Instructor
Tao Yoga Instructor
Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator
Feminine Treasures Instructor

See femininetreasures.com

Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor
is the Director of Silent Ground Retreats in Vancuver BC. Minke has devoted over 30 years to the practice of internal arts. She has worked alongside Mantak Chia since 1983. She has a wide range of energetic and spiritual skills and a reputation as a top teacher of gigong, healing and women's sexuality. Practitioners of all levels benefit from her creative teaching style, with its focus on living a vital, loving and passionate life.

Articles by Minke de Vos
Heart Chi Kung
Healing my Heart








Weekly online Classes

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classes resume in September 2022 and until then we will offer some workshops and retreats.

  Be Strong Qigong tba        
  Tao Yin Yoga tba

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Yulum, Mexico

Tao Tantric Arts for Women ~ Sacred Femininity more info
5 week Teacher Training for Women

Spring and Fall 2023, 2024


Summer Retreat

2024 Summer Retreat

Tao Alchemy Qigong Teacher Training
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Personal Retreat to deeepen practice

Level I - July 7 – 21, 2024

Level II – July 21 – Aug. 4, 2024

200 hours Level 1 Certification Training

Intimate group - only 10 students will be accepted for optimal personal support.

Held at beautiful Johnson's Landing Retreat Center
in the Kootenays, BC Canada

Healing Tao Qigong, Tao Yoga and Meditation
Revitlaize your self with natural energy!

Pictures from past summer retreats

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New Years

New Years Retreat - TBA
Internal Alchemy Retreat

Quadra Island, BC
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This residential retreat will be held on Quadra Island, BC.



Private Sessions & Bodywork

Minke deVos

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Tao Sexual Healing
Connect the source of your creative power with your loving intention to accelerate your growth. Safe and supportive ways help you to develop your sexual, Kundalini and spiritual energy. Self-healing for PMS, hormone balance, low libido, sexual frustration, abuse, and relationship disharmony. Access and channel rejuvenating energy to awaken your potential. Learn individualized practices to continue at home to enrich your daily life and relationships.
For individuals or couples. These sessions contain no nudity or sexually explicit activities.
$180 USD or $220 CAD per session (usually 1.5 hours)

Medical Qigong Therapy
Minke helps you to dive into the roots of life issues and bring them into the light to be transformed. This profound bodywork channels Divine energy with the use of movement, healing sounds and colour to release, restore and rejuvenate.
The treatments and prescription exercises are rooted in Chinese medicine, intuition and body awareness.
Release unresolved emotions that can be stuck in your vital organs and around your navel with Chi Nei Tsang.
You will be given effective practices to manage your energy and balance emotions.
Develop integrity of presence and quality of your daily life .
$180 USD or $220 CAD per session (usually 1.5 hours)

Private Sessions by Zoom
$180 USD or $220 CAD per session (usually 1.5 hours)


Private Sessions & Bodywork

David Gyurkovics

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Medical Qigong, Acutonics and Chi Nei Tsang
Universal Healing Tao Instructor, has over 25 years of experience in Taoist internal practices. He is a practitioner of Chinese Shamanic Medicine, Acutonics, and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Internal Organ Massage). He is a musician and offers Sound Healing at their retreats. He emphasizes breathwork as a basis for healthy living. He studied Japanese Acupuncture with Dr. Miki Shima OMD.

Private Sessions
instruction is available in Meditation, Qigong, Cultivating Sexual Energy (for men or couples).
Long distance healing or live sessions.

$140 CAD per session (usually 1.5 hours)


mailing address:

Silent Ground
#12 - 1601 Comox Street
Vancouver BC

Canada V6G 1P4


May the wisdom of the Tao bring meaning and fulfillment to your life.

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