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2022 Tao Alchemy Online Classes

Round out or set up your fitness program by balancing strength, fluidity and stillness.
Often fitness training emphasizes angular, linear, mechanical, postural, and muscular gestures, which work with coarser, protective bodily energies. Chi Kung embraces rounder, fuller, fluid gestures, which work with sensitive, subtle energies flowing in, around and through the body. This internal dance of energy is meditation in motion. Moving from inside develops an integral, authentic sense of well-being. Build your internal power by mastering your mind, breathing and channelling of universal forces. Enhance happiness, health and longevity with time-tested practices.

The Tao is living in harmony with nature, with your true nature. Qigong is the ancient source of acupuncture and Tai Chi. Chi Kung is Oriental Breath Therapy and energy-directing exercise.
Express your creativie energy with vibrant and meaningful movement!

These classes serve to support and deepen your practice. Experiencing the chi exercises over an extended period will allow you to fully reap their sustaining benefits.


"I offer you my love and joy for practice!"

Universal Healing Tao System works as an organic whole:
Healing Love practices -develop mastery of your creative life force.
Inner Smile Meditation -harmonizes emotions and grows virtues.
Microcosmic Orbit Circulation -channels and generates energy.
Chi Kung, Tao Yoga, and Breathwork -ground and integrate energy.
Sound Healing and Movement -make practicing playful!
Beginners to advanced practitioners of internal arts go home with practical tools to enrich their paths

Minke de Vos
Director of Silent Ground Retreat Centre, she has dedicated over 30 years to intensive practice of traditional Taoist teachings enlivened with dance, Yoga, Qigong and spiritual unfoldings. She is highly regarded by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Minke instructs international workshops and teacher training programs.

"Minke is such an extraordinary teacher with knowledge, wisdom, and gracefulness. Our work with her was intense and yet felt so effortless because of her way of teaching."

2022 Class Schedule
September ~ October

Weekly Classes

Fall is the time to harvest energy.
Winter is the time when nature returns to its roots.

Spring is the time when the dragon, our life force, comes out of the earth.
Summer is the time when nature blossoms and we play!



Qigong Class



  Tao Yoga Class
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Course Descriptions

Times and Fees

Qigong Class
6 week series
September - October 2022

Tao Yoga
6 week series
September - October 2022

Please register and pay for the series in advance with etransfer or paypal to minkedevos@gmail.com



Come for a Chi-Moving experience!

Weekly Class Course Descriptions


Feminine Treasures
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
Enhance the quality of your life and relationships
with Healing Love practices. Tap into your powerful, creative, sexual energy, the Fountain of Youth. Effective methods fuel longevity, vitality and self-healing. Chi Self-Massage of the breast and lower abdomen are self-nurturing and are known to help prevent cancer. Internal resistance training, using a real or imaginary jade egg, tonifies the "Chi Muscles" in the pelvic floor, the support for all your organs. Prevent excessive energy loss and discomfort from menstruation. Enhance your hormones, beauty and inner strength, before and after menopause. Embrace your power!

Treat yourself to healing gestures of love. Nurture your feminine essence with Ovarian and Kidney breathing, self massage and sensual movement. We will practice breast massage as a meditation for growing compassion. We will play with a real or imaginary jade egg inside the vagina to exercise the PC muscles and pull up energy through the chakras. These practices will allow you to deepen your connection with your feelings, body and energy.
Generate more loving, creative energy for your life!

The practices are known to help with:
*reducing PMS, menstrual difficulties and breast sensitivity
*preventing breast and ovarian cancer
*strenghtening the pelvic floor to prevent incontinance
*balancing the hormones and boosting youthfulness

Bring: sarong or skirt, yoga mat, and a light blanket or sarong to cover your legs
A jade egg set is for sale at workshop with brocade bag, swing bag and silk cord for $60 plus GST (63). One can also try out the exercises using an imaginary jade egg when menstruating.

"It is wonderful to practice with Minke as she is able to draw on her incredible experience and connect you to all the secret parts of yourself through breathing and movement. The exercices are wonderful, sensual and supportive of me. I am committed to really getting to know and use them for a long time." Laila, Life Skills Empowerment Coach

"Thank you so much for bringing the Healing Love Workshop to Victoria, and also for your nurturing and energizing presence! These practices are a truly wonderful gift; I feel so beautiful and empowered. It has revealed to me an aspect of myself that I have been neglecting, but didn't realize it. I'm excited about making these practices a part of my life, and am looking forward to attending many more of your workshops." Ursula, Bellydancer

"Dear Minke, That was quite a workshop--My experience of your teaching is that it is deeply penetrating in a graceful, easy, natural yet powerful way. I was left with an inspiration to continue the practices. The exercises, as well as the music you chose, brought both tender tears of heart connection ,as well as exhilaration, joy, laughter and ecstacy from an awareness of the vastness of the Universal Chi and my connection to it. Thank you for being the gift that you are and sharing it." Love, Julia

Tao Yin Yoga
Tao Yoga mobilizes energy in the meridians through conscious breathing in supple movement. Enhance your physical experience of yoga with inner work. Circulate rejuvenating energy through flowing yogic movements.. Tao Yoga develops a rubbery, energetic body by growing elasticity in the tendons and dynamically balancing stretch and strength. Heighten awareness of holistic connections like the psoas muscle, "the muscle of the soul" and the diaphragm, "the muscle of the spirit". The exercises stem from Tao Yin, Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais and energetic training. This organic practice is well-loved for the sense of integration of body, breath and energy awareness.

"Minke's Tao Yoga class was one of the most healing things I"ve ever done for myself. The movement was all about joy and it felt as though every cell in my body released tension, toxins, and pain. I am grateful that I found this wonderful teacher! Thank you!"
Andrea Tower

"My pranayama has been powerfully boosted by opening the channels and growing the virtues."
- Jennifer Herzog, Yoga Instructor

"The whole class was like one long massage, deeply penetrating and pleasurable."
- Andy Gilson, Computer Consultant.

"I am used to working in specific linear alignment and it was great to work outside of that and to experience the fluid movement and flow of your class, I found it to be a compliment to my work in Pilates"
- Tara Crawford, certified Pilates Instructor.

"I enjoyed my first class with you. your calm and kind spirit is very inviting and nurturing. Thank you for reminding me to smile!"
- Lori, Yoga Instructor

Healing Tao Qigong (Chi Kung)
Oriental Breath Therapy directs energy through gentle, harmonizing movements. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is an effective way to retain rejuvenating energy. Align your posture, test your rooting, breathe strength into your body in conductive postures. Regrowing the tendons gives the body spring! Tan Tien Qigong develops internal chi pressure in the lower abdomen, which grounds and uplifts the body/mind through playful animal forms. Walking meditations improve awareness, chi and blood circultation.

Thus class is a powerful combination of Iron Shirt Qigong, Bone Breathing, Wu Wei Qigong and Healing Sounds.
Penetrate your deepest form and then release into formless flow. This dynamic stirs spontaneous healing. Laugh with your bones! Surrender to the wisdom of your spirit with "Wu Wei", "effortless effort". Healing sounds allow us to let go of stress.

Iron Shirt Qigong builds your protective "iron shirt" by packing chi into your channels, tendons and connective tissues. Powerful gestures build a strong core and good posture in life.We test eachother's rooitng by chanelling chi through our structure into the earth.

Bone Breathing Qigong - Bone Breathing uses energy to clean the plaque in the bones. Penetrating breathing builds up the blood production in the bone marrow. Sexual energy is stored in the bones to replenish inner reserves of life-force.

Wu Wei Chi Qigong (Unwinding) allows chi energy to move you spontaneously. It is meditative movement, which liberates your energy and opens your body. Unwind internal knots. Tap into inspired movement.
The Six Healing Sounds relieve the organs of trapped heat and imbalanced emotional energies. It clears the space for virtues to grow inside. This is an excellent practice to "chill out" and sleep better.

Tai Chi Qigong
The 13 movement form creates orientation in the four directions and balances Yin and Yang flows. This gem of Tai Chi applies the inner structure and flow of Chi Kung into spatial movement. Experience being centered and moving with natural grace and ease. The gestures can be applied to any form.

Meditative practice accelerates your inner growth...
* Set a bright tune for your day and week.
* Embrace your life and all the mundane concerns with the perspective of your majestic spirit.
* Transform "negative" emotions into positivity by smiling inwardly to all your internal organs.
* Circulate refined and upgraded energy in the Microcosmic Orbit and other channels.
* Massage your body from head to toe. Feels deightful!



New Year's Retreat 2022/23 more info
$890. all inclusive. Preregister by Dec. 1, $860
Inner Alchemy, Unite the masculine and Feminine energies within to grow your life body.
Supercharge your creativity and meditation.
Cozy, peaceful place on Quadra Island.

Tao Alchemy Summer Retreat
2022 more info
4 week Qigong Teacher Training
Pictures from past summer retreats

Practice Tao Yoga, Qigong and Meditation
for an amazing awakening and rejuvenating experience.
Give yourself time to deeply explore your inner life.
Connect and absorb nature’s splendor and pure energy.
Learn tools to get your personal Energy Body tuned up so you can vibrate with the Source.
Accelerate your growth!

with Universal Tao Instructors,
Minke de Vos & David Gyurkovics

"The practices are sitting differently this time around and there is a greater sense and feeling of core penetration...so they won't slip away this time." ~Wayne, Writer

Private Sessions with Minke de Vos

Tao Energy Healing
Safe and supportive ways help you to develop your sexual, Kundalini and spiritual energy.
Self-healing for PMS, hormonal balance, sexual frustration, relationship disharmony and various dysfunctions.
Learn individualized practices to continue at home to enrich your daily life and relationships.
For or individuals or couples. These sessions contain no nudity or sexually explicit activities.

Qigong Coaching
Effective ways to manage your energy and balance emotions.
We will explore the leading edge of your unique creative expression, grounded in body awareness.
Performers develop integrity of presence and quality of of their personal life.

Private Session
(also via Skype)
A session is 1.5 hours ad costs $160 including tax
Please register for private sessions by email
minkedevos@gmail.com or call 604-669-2505.

Private Sessions with David Gyurkovics

Medical Qigong, Acutonics and Chi Nei Tsang
David's treatments combine Medical Qigong, Acutonics/Sound Healing and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Internal Organ Massage). He has studied and practiced qigong, meditation and Tao yoga for over 20 years, including 6 years in retreat, and studied Japanese Acupuncture with Dr. Miki Shima OMD.
$120/ 1.5 hour

Qigong Coaching
Taoist Sexual Practice and Cultivation

Private Sessions (also via Skype)
instruction is available in Meditation, Qigong, Cultivating Sexual Energy (for men, singles or couples).

Please register for private coaching by email healthyhara@gmail.com or call 604-669-2505


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